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Family Balance Concepts, Inc.

This organization is a 501 (c)3 Charity based in Northern New Jersey. This organization was founded by Melissa Irwin` Imbriano & Maria Johnson in 2015. Melissa & Maria come from a long history of Non-profit Charity experience.

Nancy's Heart is a scholarship fund created by the founders of Family Balance Concepts and named in honor  & memory of Mrs.Nancy Sangiorgi who was the 1st CEO of the Meadowlands YMCA, where Melissa & Maria worked, for over 18 years.. It was Nancy's kind heart that inspired Melissa & Maria as well as many others who worked with her, to dedicate their life's purpose to serving the community. Nancy's untimely death in June of 2015, after a courageous battle with Ovarian cancer brought all of their selfless work to a screeching halt.

Melissa & Maria's love, desire and dedication to continue to serve assist the families of their NJ communities, needed to continue on through Family Balance Concepts, Inc, and with their " HopeUnitedGive a family today" campaign they wish to assist families in any way possible to restore and contribute balance to their family life and spread well being, balance and happiness. among families throughout New Jersey.

As of June 2022 John & Deborah Zoller have stepped into the role of President & Vice President for Family Balance Concepts and are planning many great things to come this year!

We believe all families and communities deserve a partner to assist them in maintaing a healthy balance in life. H.U.G a family today by donating to help serve our cause!

Our Mission

to serve the needs of families and communities by providing support to assist those families to achieve a happy and healthy home life, including but not limited to provide care for preschool and older children, educational programs for children under care and for their families .

Our Mission

Our Vision

To assist families and communities with our resources to help achieve a life of balance.

We Need Your Support Today!

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